Sherri Shepherd Tributes ‘The View’ Co-Creator Bill Geddie: ‘He Absolutely Changed My Life’

When it comes to impactful personalities in the world of television, few can match the influence of Bill Geddie, the co-creator of the popular talk show, ‘The View.’ Recently, renowned actress and television host Sherri Shepherd took a moment to pay tribute to the man who transformed her life forever. In this article, we will delve into the heartwarming tribute that Sherri Shepherd offered to Bill Geddie, exploring their relationship and the profound impact he had on her life.

A Fortuitous Meeting: Sherri Shepherd’s Introduction to Bill Geddie

The story of Sherri Shepherd’s connection with Bill Geddie began with a chance encounter. Hired as a recurring guest on ‘The View,’ Shepherd’s personality and wit soon caught Geddie’s attention. This led to an offer that would change the trajectory of her career and life forever.

The Mentorship That Transformed

Under Geddie’s guidance, Shepherd flourished as a co-host on ‘The View.’ His mentorship allowed her to harness her natural talents and connect with the audience in a genuine and relatable way. This unique bond between mentor and mentee became the foundation of a strong and lasting friendship.

The View: A Platform for Empowerment

As one of the hosts of ‘The View,’ Shepherd was given a powerful platform to address important issues and topics close to her heart. Bill Geddie’s belief in her abilities empowered her to tackle sensitive subjects fearlessly, championing causes that mattered to her and countless others.

Shared Laughter: A Memorable Dynamic

One of the key factors that contributed to the success of ‘The View’ was the chemistry between the co-hosts. Bill Geddie’s witty banter and camaraderie with Shepherd brought laughter and joy to millions of viewers each day, making them a beloved duo.

Facing Challenges Together

Throughout their journey on ‘The View,’ Sherri Shepherd and Bill Geddie faced various challenges. From navigating controversial topics to addressing personal struggles, they stood by each other’s side, showcasing true friendship and unwavering support.

Beyond ‘The View’: Lifelong Impact

Bill Geddie’s influence extended far beyond the confines of the television screen. His mentorship left an indelible mark on Sherri Shepherd’s life and career, instilling in her the confidence and strength to take on new challenges beyond ‘The View.’

Paying It Forward: Sherri Shepherd’s Legacy

Sherri Shepherd’s tribute to Bill Geddie is not only a testament to their strong bond but also an inspiration for future generations of television personalities. She now carries forward the legacy of empowerment and support, paying it forward to budding talents in the entertainment industry.

A Beloved Icon: Remembering Bill Geddie

Bill Geddie’s impact on the world of television and entertainment will forever be remembered. His contributions to the industry, the friendships he forged, and the lives he touched stand as a testament to his incredible legacy.


In conclusion, the beautiful tribute offered by Sherri Shepherd to Bill Geddie reflects the profound impact he had on her life. From being a co-creator and mentor to a lifelong friend, Geddie’s presence changed the trajectory of Shepherd’s career and empowered her to become a beacon of strength and inspiration. As the world remembers the iconic figure that Geddie was, Shepherd’s heartfelt tribute serves as a reminder of the enduring influence of genuine connections and mentorship.


Q: Did Sherri Shepherd and Bill Geddie have a close relationship outside of ‘The View’?

ANS: Yes, they developed a strong and lasting friendship beyond their professional association.

Q: How did Bill Geddie’s mentorship impact Sherri Shepherd’s career?

ANS: Geddie’s mentorship empowered Shepherd to fearlessly address important issues and advocate for causes close to her heart.

Q: What made Sherri Shepherd and Bill Geddie a beloved duo on ‘The View’?

ANS: Their shared laughter, witty banter, and camaraderie endeared them to millions of viewers.

Q: How is Sherri Shepherd continuing Bill Geddie’s legacy?

ANS: She carries forward the legacy of empowerment and support by mentoring and inspiring budding talents in the entertainment industry.

Q: What is the lasting legacy of Bill Geddie in the world of television?

ANS: Bill Geddie’s contributions, friendships, and impact on the lives of people in the industry serve as a lasting testament to his influence.

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