Ubisoft is Suspending “Inactive Accounts”, Disabling Access to Game Libraries

Ubisoft, one of the leading video game publishers in the industry, has recently announced a significant change in its account management policy. The company is taking a bold step to suspend “inactive accounts” in an effort to streamline its user database and enhance account security. While this decision has garnered attention, it has also raised concerns among players regarding access to their game libraries. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Ubisoft’s decision, its impact on players, and how it aligns with their long-term goals.

Understanding Ubisoft’s Decision

Ubisoft’s move to suspend inactive accounts stems from the need to maintain a healthy and engaged player base. By identifying and suspending accounts that have remained dormant for a prolonged period, Ubisoft aims to optimize its user database and focus on its active player community. This decision also ties into their commitment to account security, as dormant accounts can become potential targets for unauthorized access and data breaches.

Identifying Inactive Accounts

Ubisoft employs a sophisticated system to identify inactive accounts. Factors such as the duration of inactivity, last login date, and engagement with Ubisoft’s services are taken into account before an account is flagged as inactive. The company ensures that the decision-making process is fair and accurate, reducing the chances of active players getting caught in the suspension process.

Impact on Players

For players who remain active and regularly engage with Ubisoft’s games and services, this decision holds no negative consequences. However, for those with inactive accounts, access to their game libraries will be temporarily disabled until the account is reactivated. Players who come back to their suspended accounts after an extended period may face certain challenges, but Ubisoft has provided measures to facilitate a smooth return.

Ubisoft’s Reasoning and Benefits

Ubisoft’s decision to suspend inactive accounts is driven by the desire to provide better services and experiences to its loyal players. By removing dormant accounts, the company can concentrate its resources on enhancing gameplay, optimizing server performance, and delivering top-notch customer support. Additionally, active players can enjoy a more streamlined and vibrant gaming environment.

Customer Reactions and Feedback

The gaming community’s response to Ubisoft’s decision has been mixed. While some players appreciate the company’s efforts to improve overall gaming experiences, others have expressed concerns about losing access to their purchased games. Ubisoft values player feedback and is actively engaging with the community to address their concerns and gather suggestions for future improvements.

Ubisoft’s Approach to Account Reinstatement

For players who wish to reactivate their suspended accounts, Ubisoft has provided a straightforward process. By following the instructions on their website or contacting customer support, players can initiate the account reinstatement procedure. This ensures that players who return to their accounts can pick up where they left off and continue their gaming journey seamlessly.

Addressing Concerns and Complaints

Ubisoft understands the concerns raised by players and is committed to resolving them. Common issues like progress loss, recovery of in-game items, and security measures are being actively addressed by the company. By keeping an open line of communication, Ubisoft aims to build trust and reassure players that their gaming experience is a top priority.

Enhancing Account Security

Account security is of paramount importance to Ubisoft. By suspending inactive accounts, the company minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. However, they also advise players to take additional security measures, such as enabling two-factor authentication, to safeguard their accounts further.

Alternatives for Inactive Players

For players who prefer not to lose access to their game libraries but anticipate an extended period of inactivity, Ubisoft offers alternatives. Special promotions, discounts, and offers are often provided to encourage players to return to the gaming community actively. These incentives aim to strike a balance between keeping accounts active and accommodating players’ personal circumstances.


Ubisoft’s decision to suspend “inactive accounts” is a strategic move aimed at optimizing its user database and strengthening account security. While this decision may cause some inconvenience to inactive players, the benefits of a more focused and engaged gaming community are substantial. By staying responsive to player feedback and concerns, Ubisoft demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.


  1. What does it mean for an account to be “inactive”?
    • An inactive account is one that has not been used to log in or engage with Ubisoft’s games and services for a specified duration.
  2. How long does it take for an account to be considered inactive?
    • The duration of inactivity varies, but typically an account is flagged as inactive after several months of no logins or activity.
  3. Can I still access my single-player games if my account is suspended?
    • No, access to all games in your library will be temporarily disabled until your account is reactivated.
  4. Will my progress be lost if my account is suspended?
    • Your progress will be preserved, and you can resume from where you left off once your account is reactivated.
  5. Can I create a new account to avoid suspension?
    • Creating a new account to circumvent suspension is against Ubisoft’s terms of service and can lead to more severe consequences. It is recommended to reactivate your existing account or seek alternatives offered by Ubisoft.

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