Arsenal vs Man United lineups, starting 11 for preseason friendly

Football fans all around the world eagerly anticipate preseason friendly matches, and this year’s encounter between Arsenal and Manchester United is no exception. Preseason games serve as a thrilling preview of the upcoming season, allowing teams to fine-tune their strategies and test new players. In this article, we’ll explore the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated clash and examine the potential lineups for both teams.

Preseason Friendly Matches in Football

Preseason friendly matches are a vital component of football preparation. These matches take place before the official league season commences and provide teams with an opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses in a less competitive environment. Clubs use these games to experiment with new tactics, formations, and player combinations.

Arsenal vs. Man United: The Rivalry Reignited

Arsenal and Manchester United share one of the most iconic rivalries in English football. Over the years, these two historic clubs have engaged in numerous fierce battles, captivating fans worldwide. Although preseason matches are friendlies, the competitive spirit between these teams remains intense.

The Importance of Preseason Lineups

The starting lineup for a preseason friendly can offer valuable insights into a team’s strategy and the manager’s plans for the upcoming season. Fans and analysts eagerly analyze the choices made by the managers and try to discern the potential tactics and formations that will be used in the regular season.

Arsenal’s Potential Starting 11

  1. Goalkeeper: Bernd Leno
  2. Right-back: Hector Bellerin
  3. Center-back: Gabriel Magalhães
  4. Center-back: Ben White
  5. Left-back: Kieran Tierney
  6. Defensive Midfielder: Thomas Partey
  7. Central Midfielder: Emile Smith Rowe
  8. Central Midfielder: Granit Xhaka
  9. Right Winger: Bukayo Saka
  10. Left Winger: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  11. Striker: Alexandre Lacazette

Man United’s Potential Starting 11

  1. Goalkeeper: David de Gea
  2. Right-back: Aaron Wan-Bissaka
  3. Center-back: Harry Maguire
  4. Center-back: Raphael Varane
  5. Left-back: Luke Shaw
  6. Central Midfielder: Bruno Fernandes
  7. Central Midfielder: Paul Pogba
  8. Right Winger: Jadon Sancho
  9. Left Winger: Marcus Rashford
  10. Attacking Midfielder: Mason Greenwood
  11. Striker: Edinson Cavani

Key Players to Watch

All eyes will be on certain players during this preseason clash. Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka has shown tremendous potential, becoming a key player for both club and country. Similarly, Manchester United’s new signing, Jadon Sancho, will be keen to make an impact and showcase his skills to the fans.

Tactics and Formations

Both teams’ tactics and formations are subject to speculation, especially in the preseason. Arsenal may adopt an attacking approach, focusing on exploiting spaces with their pacey wingers. Manchester United, on the other hand, might look to control the midfield and unleash their attacking trio with quick transitions.

Match Predictions

Predicting the outcome of preseason friendlies can be challenging, given the experimental nature of these matches. However, the game is likely to be intense, with both teams aiming to establish dominance on the field. Fans can expect a close contest with a few goals.

The Preseason Impact

While the result of a preseason friendly may not carry the same weight as a league game, it can significantly impact the morale and confidence of players and fans alike. A positive preseason performance can set the tone for the start of the season.

The Buzz Around the Match

The excitement and buzz surrounding this preseason encounter are palpable. Social media platforms and football forums are abuzz with discussions about potential lineups, standout players, and match predictions. The anticipation among fans is at its peak.

The Return of Fans

One of the most heartening aspects of this preseason friendly is the return of fans to the stadiums. After a period of empty stands due to the pandemic, the atmosphere will be electrifying as supporters fill the stands, bringing back the true essence of football.


The Arsenal vs. Manchester United preseason friendly promises to be a captivating spectacle for football enthusiasts. As both teams prepare for the upcoming season, this match offers a glimpse into their potential and the strategies they may employ. Fans can’t wait to witness their favorite players in action, and the return of fans to the stadiums adds an extra layer of excitement.


  1. When will the Arsenal vs. Manchester United preseason friendly take place?
    • The date for the match is yet to be confirmed, but it is typically scheduled in the weeks leading up to the start of the official league season.
  2. Will this match be broadcasted live?
    • Yes, the match will likely be televised and streamed live on various sports networks and online platforms.
  3. Are preseason matches taken as seriously as league games?
    • Preseason matches are more about preparation and experimentation, but players and managers still approach them with a competitive mindset.
  4. How can I get tickets to watch the match in person?
    • Ticket availability will depend on the stadium’s capacity and local COVID-19 guidelines. Check the official websites of Arsenal and Manchester United for ticket updates.
  5. Can we expect to see new signings in action during the friendly?
    • Yes, both teams’ new signings are likely to make appearances and showcase their talents during the match.

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