What We Do in the Shadows Recap: Red Wine With Ice


In the realm of vampire comedy, “What We Do in the Shadows” has risen to become a beloved cult hit. The mockumentary-style series, based on the 2014 film of the same name by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, offers a hilarious and unique take on the everyday lives of a group of vampire roommates. In this recap, we delve into the episode titled “Red Wine With Ice” and explore the delightful shenanigans that unfold.

The Night of the Super Bowl

In this episode, the vampires find themselves entangled in the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl. They realize that the yearly event offers them an opportunity to hunt for fresh victims, as humans are often distracted by the game. With their supernatural abilities and eccentric personalities, the vampire roommates plan their own Super Bowl party with a twist.

Nadja’s Love for the Game

Nadja, one of the vampire roommates, unexpectedly develops a fascination with American football. Her newfound love for the sport perplexes the others, as she dives deep into the rules, strategies, and team dynamics. Nadja’s enthusiasm for the Super Bowl and her insistence on supporting a specific team creates comedic tension among the group.

Guillermo’s Secret

Meanwhile, Guillermo, Nandor’s familiar, has a hidden agenda of his own. As the episode progresses, it is revealed that Guillermo is taking advantage of the Super Bowl festivities to gather potential victims for himself. He cunningly lures people into their house, only to feed on them later. This unexpected twist adds an element of darkness to the otherwise lighthearted tone of the show.

The Vampiric Super Bowl Party

The vampire roommates host their own Super Bowl party, inviting both human and supernatural guests. The party is filled with chaotic and hilarious moments, as the vampires struggle to maintain their composure and conceal their true nature from the unsuspecting humans. The clash of vampire behavior with the social norms of a typical Super Bowl gathering results in outrageous interactions and awkward situations.

Red Wine With Ice

As the episode’s title suggests, a recurring gag involves the vampires’ fascination with drinking red wine with ice. Despite their centuries-old existence and refined taste for blood, they become fixated on this peculiar combination. The ongoing debate about the appropriateness of adding ice to wine becomes a humorous thread throughout the episode, highlighting the absurdity of their immortal lives.

Colin Robinson’s Energy Drain

Colin Robinson, the energy vampire, continues to drain the life force of those around him, both human and supernatural. His relentless quest for energy takes a hilarious turn during the Super Bowl party when he targets an unsuspecting guest. Colin’s character provides a unique twist on the traditional vampire archetype and adds a layer of satire to the show.

The Conclusion: Chaos and Laughter

As the episode nears its conclusion, chaos ensues at the vampire party. The combination of vampire mischief, human interactions, and unexpected revelations results in a series of comedic mishaps and misunderstandings. The humor is enhanced by the documentary-style format, as characters provide witty and self-aware commentary on the unfolding events.


“What We Do in the Shadows” continues to captivate audiences with its clever writing, quirky characters, and blend of supernatural and everyday situations. In the episode “Red Wine With Ice,” the vampire roommates’ misadventures during the Super Bowl create an uproarious and entertaining experience. The show’s ability to infuse supernatural elements with relatable humor is what makes it a standout in the vampire genre.


  • Is “What We Do in the Shadows” a spin-off of the movie?
    • No, the TV series is a continuation of the film’s concept, featuring new characters and storylines set in the same universe.
  • Are the episodes of “What We Do in the Shadows” standalone or do they follow a continuous narrative?
    • While each episode has its own self-contained story, there is an underlying narrative that develops throughout the series.
  • Is “What We Do in the Shadows” suitable for all ages?
    • The show contains mature themes and humor, so it is recommended for a more adult audience.
  • Are there any cameos from the original film in the TV series?
    • Yes, the TV series occasionally features cameo appearances from the film’s original cast members.
  • How many seasons of “What We Do in the Shadows” have been released?
    • As of the writing of this article, the show has completed three seasons, with more in development.

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